About Us Meet Ideas Optimized Founder


This is Pavel and I am the person behind IdeasOptimized.com

Me and my team are here to empower you in your quest to launching your ideas online!

Problems that we solve:

In a fast changing and innovating world, our platform adapts latest online business strategies and innovation and makes accessible content in English to people in European communities.

Our web presence aims at stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit, supporting knowledge distribution and various nonprofit projects.

The solution:

Crafting quality educational and motivational content that reaches a broad range of people in different age and interests groups – all related to internet presence and marketing execution.

Reaching out to countries across Europe and establishing communities that curate, record or contribute quality, inspiring content – success stories, interviews, video series or other.

Long-term goals:

Our initiative aims at providing internationally relevant information that will connect entrepreneurship communities within the European Union.

We want to be a Go-to place for high quality, educational and motivational content produced through cross-border collaborations and initiatives.


Our mission is to educate and motivate people to effectively share their passion or ideas online, better adapt to to the internet market and become more aware of the opportunities that modern technology presents.


Our leader, Pavel Panayotov, is a freelance marketing consultant and has been working at the interchange of business and technology since 2008.

Pavel’s passion for doing good in the most efficient way along with his experience in diverse projects and a business associate degree from City University of New York.

We are a remote team of online marketing professionals who help people by sharing our knowledge, motivational content and initiatives.

There are no limits for education and motivation.

We target people in Europe, who are eager to develop ideas into projects, build online presence or just learn marketing insights.

We are a team of freelancers, working with a simple mission – to reveal how people and businesses make things happen, start or enhance their web and social presence, while serving a good cause.

We share personal and collected experiences from the fields of freelancing, online marketing, fundraising and cross-partnership events that help our followers succeed with their projects.

We provide a great number of resources, to show you how practical and easy it is to run a cause-driven website, reach people and make impact.


– Tools for quick startup online
– Digital success stories
– The cause behind your story
– Selecting the right content format
– Writing compelling stories
– Recording videos like a pro
– Sharing in social networks
– Sharing on your own website