Our team at “Internet Development and Self-Education for Everybody” Foundation comprises passionate individuals dedicated to empowering personal growth and global impact. We bring together diverse expertise in fields ranging from psychology and education to entrepreneurship and community building, united by a shared vision of fostering conscious evolution. With a commitment to inclusivity and collaboration, we strive to create a supportive environment where each team member’s unique strengths contribute to our collective mission. Together, we’re driven by the belief that by nurturing individuals’ potential and facilitating purposeful connections, we can catalyze a positive ripple effect that amplifies the transformative power of unified efforts toward a more enlightened world.

Alchemys Natasha Athanasiadou

Life Leadership & Transformation Coach for Visionaries and Entrepreneurs.

After fourteen years in global sales and entrepreneurship and a journey marked by burnout and awakening, Alchemys Natasha was guided to her mission: empowering, guiding, and supporting visionaries, business professionals, and entrepreneurs to be their life’s TRUE leaders. To discover their purpose, align their thoughts, emotions, and actions, thrive in their lives, and create impactful, vision-driven careers and businesses.

As an award-winning product innovator with a multi-discipline background in systems thinking science, psychology, philosophy, embodied dance, and meditation, she holistically guides seekers on a path of self-realization, believing that true power lies in bringing how we think, feel, and behave in complete authentic alignment.

Her transformative HOLISTIC GENEROSITY SYSTEM serves as a bridge from a life marked by mental challenges and emotional overwhelm to one characterized by fulfillment, authentic self-expression, self-realization, and genuinely impactful and aligned entrepreneurship.



Jadi Kindred 

Intuition Coach 

As an INTUITION COACH, Jadi specializes in working with people to have more clarity in:

* Growing their business
* Finding deep inner joy
* Working less and earning more
* Feeling physically better
* More authentic relationships
* Increased passion for life
* Confidence in their own intuition

Jadi incorporates intuition and inspired action in her day-to-day life to bring more ease and flow.

She is a certified Restorative Yoga and meditation teacher, Intuitive Animal Communicator, and Executive and Life coach.

She hosts “Reconnect to Your Intuition” retreats in Canada and Costa Rica.



Gregory Caillol

Holistic Coach & Meditation Coach

As a holistic coach and facilitator specializing in meditation and rapid transformations within the realms of personal development, spiritual growth, and mental well-being, Gregory provides invaluable guidance. His expertise extends to supporting individuals, professionals, and organizations across six fundamental pillars: healing and serenity, alignment and recognition, flow and intuition, growth and manifestation, connection and energy, and contribution and impact.

Gregory’s approach involves a skillful fusion of cognitive coaching techniques, tailored meditative practices, and guided introspection, all while incorporating energy-focused work with attentive care. Through this unique blend of methodologies, he navigates individuals and groups through transformative journeys, fostering growth, self-awareness, and profound shifts in perception.